One of the most important factors for a business to “get right” when considering a new location, is the actual site. Though there are many issues to consider when you’re looking for space to house your business, make sure you ask yourself these four important questions:
Foot traffic?
The surrounding establishments?

Best locations are:

MRT and LRT stations
Malls (inside and outside)
Supermarkets and Public Markets
Public transport terminals
Any place where foot traffic is heavy
Don’t have time to look around?

We can refer you to our freelance locators to look for a location within Metro Manila, 3-5 possible locations will be searched. Service charge depends on the area. please check our list below:

We don’t give location assistance, if you are not our franchisee..

Location Rates:

BulacanP 5,000LagunaP 5,000
BatangasP 6,000CaloocanP 4,000
CaviteP 5,000Las PinasP 5,000
PampangaP 6,000MakatiP 4,500
OlongapoP 6,000MalabonP 4,500
SubicP 6,000MandaluyongP 4,000
TarlacP 6,000ManilaP 4,000
PangasinanP 7,000MarikinaP 4,000
DagupanP 7,000MuntilupaP 5,000
BaguioP 8,000NavotasP 4,500
AlabangP 4,500ParanaqueP 4,500
CaintaP 4,500PasayP 4,500
TaytayP 4,500PasigP 4,500
AntipoloP 4,500Quezon CityP 3,500
BinangonanP 5,000San Juan CityP 4,000
MorongP 5,000TaguigP 4,500
TanayP 5,000ValenzuelaP 4,000