PINOY PAO EXPRESS INC. a duly registered corporation under company registration number CS200610736 on July 7, 2006, was established with the primary purpose of tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit that we believe lies in most Filipinos aiming to succeed in a business venture. The current economic trend has placed a new focus on how to generate more "job creators" in our economic system, and has made the idea of a global celebration of entrepreneurship as a path to positive growth especially relevant.The Filipino Dream embodies the value of innovation as a breeding ground of job creation through the promotion of entrepreneurship. Guiding our business model is the goal of giving business to every Juan.

Company Profile

PINOY PAO EXPRESS INC. (PPei) was formally established in 2006, but its humble beginnings could be traced back from way back 1992, with the simple Red Cricket Vending Concepts Inc. This factory, originally located in Quezon City, supplied the common snack foods such as siomai, siopao, kikiam, and fishballs to the market. It was in 1996 that Red Cricket entered the food cart business, creating their own brand of food carts for their products. Examples of these food cart businesses that they started include My Pao, which sells dimsum dishes like siomai and siopao; and Jack’s Eatabols, which sells kikiam and fishballs. At that time, these food carts were not yet open for franchise, but because of the huge number of inquiries that they received, Red Cricket opened these food carts for franchise in the year 2000.

With the growing number of franchisees that Red Cricket was able to secure, they decided to rename the company with Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. in 2006. FFI is committed to giving high quality food products to their growing number of loyal consumers, and since 2006, the number of products that they are selling has increased. From two (2) food cart concepts, they now have more than 10 food cart concepts available for franchise, ranging from siomais to pizzas, burgers, noodles, macaroni and more. Truly, they have come a long way from the fishball selling in the past.

What makes us the perfect choice for your franchise business is that we can give you the lowest franchise package for singles foodcarts and we also have all-in food cart packages such as 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and mall carts for those people who want to get the most out of their franchise. You will definitely be in good hands when you decide to get a franchise from us.


To be recognized and respected as the most successful franchise network marketing company in the Philippines.


TFD is committed to uplifting the lives of every Filipino by providing totally reliable and competitively superior products, empowering one's business knowledge to become a successful business owner by fostering customer enthusiasm through the integration of people technology and business system.